How Can I Encourage My Children to be Creative?

creative children

We think it is fun to visit, a very interesting site where you can ask any question you would like, with hopes that some soul, knowledgeable about the subject, will take the time to answer.   We were excited when somebody asked, 'How can I make my child creative?'.  Now, we don't know how you can't 'make' anybody anything, especially creative, but we have a few tips on how to raise creative kids.  We thought we would go ahead and share them with you, here.  

Though there are millions of things (well definitely too many to put to paper) that parents can do to nurture and support creative children we have tried to narrow it down to things that we believe to be the most important.  Here is a very broad breakdown of a creative household...

*Taken directly from our answer on Quora:

You can encourage your children to be creative by offering them tools for creative exploration (art supplies, musical instruments, toys that spur imagination). Younger children need almost no direction at all, simply encouragement. It is particularly useful to ask them questions about their drawings, songs, play or other ‘work’. An example might be, ‘I love that little guy you painted… where is he right now? In his room? Outside? At a party? Could you paint some clues for me?’ Always ask for a story! Conversations that involve story telling, imaginary problems to solve, and any games that spur imagination are also helpful tools. Discuss creative works with your children and ask them questions that help them think more fully about the piece, questions that have no right or wrong answer. (Do you like this song? Why do you think this painting is so interesting? Do you think this toy would have been more fun if its arms were longer?)

A huge, yet maybe not so obvious thing you can do for your children, is to often ‘allow’ them to be bored. Make sure that there is some ‘forced’ time away from devices, movies, television, and entertainment provided by external influence. Help them brainstorm ways that they could entertain themselves and then you must be brave. They will complain your ears off the first few times you demand they entertain themselves or, if siblings are involved, entertain each other.

Because I am passionate about the part quality toys play in a healthy childhood I would also add, pay attention to your children’s toys. Buy (or make) them things that help them imagine worlds, stories and adventures!

Lastly, but not least, creative parents turn out creative children! Push yourself to think creatively for and with your children. Find a way that you enjoy playing with them (word play, toy play, game play, artistic projects…) and play with them often! Much love and support for you!

Well, that is what we offered as our two cents.  What do you guys do in your creative households?  How do you encourage your children to be creative?