How to Clean Your Handmade Toy

How do I wash my handmade toy?

When your little guy has played as hard as you have he may need to be washed.  Feel free to pop him or her in a pillowcase (securing your RagdOlly person's hair if they have long hair) and run through the washer with (or like) a load of clothes.  When washed, take him or her out of the pillowcase and plump back into shape, if needed.  Then let your friend air dry.  When we are feeling particularly generous we let our children take their creatures into the the bath with them.  We then squeeze out the excess water, put them in the pillowcase, run them through one spin cycle and allow them to air dry, as explained above.  If, by some chance your friend happens to pop a seam (Anyka's has not yet needed a repair, with all of the washing we have put him through) please refer to our blog post on how to make repairs to your friend!  We hope your friends look as worn and loved as the Skin Horse in the Velveteen Rabbit when they are ready to be handed on to the next generation! :)