The Legend of the White Rabbit (A True Story) by Heidi Cataldo Warren

Weighted White Bunny by the Professional Bohemians

White Rabbit brings with him a great tradition.

Back in 1909 it was written the White Rabbit could bring to those who believe, a great luck.  It was written for children and adults alike, that if they believe and remembered on the final day of each month to say three times, like this, "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit", and make a wish and then on the first day of the month, before any other words were uttered from their mouths, to say it again three times.  This was how their wish would be granted by the end of the month.  

Now legend has it the children were too forgetful and the adults worried too hard, they always forgot the promise of the White Rabbit.  They forgot to utter three times "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit".  So, to try to help them remember, they decided to carry a rabbit's foot.  That Rabbits foot was a horrible idea though.  Instead of helping them to remember to get their wishes granted; it, in turn, brought them BAD luck!  NEVER, never take the foot of a rabbit, especially the foot of a WHITE Rabbit!  The most pure of all the rabbits.  The Rabbit who, it is said, can bring the most luck of all!  The rabbits can NOT help those who take their feet and will only curse them.  

Plushie Weighted Bunny by The Professional Bohemians

The tradition of the White Rabbit can only be remembered one way.  If the White Rabbit is truly loved by its owner, it comes with the ability to help one remember.  When snuggled in tightly in their bed on the last night of the month, being held closely, the White Rabbit will listen to your wish and the words "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit".  And in the morning the White Rabbit will silently wake you to remind you to say those words again so it can then grant your wish by months end.  Your White Rabbit loves you and wants your happiness to be filled.

So, remember, Love your White Rabbit with everything in you.  And when your Rabbit feels that your love is unconditional, he will help you!

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