A Little About RagdOlly People

Behind the weathered wallpaper, or just beneath the plaster, quite out of sight of any casual observer, there live a curious people. They call themselves RagdOlly. In this narrative we will not focus long on the ancient ones, the ones that ran free, but the modern ones; the ones that thrive deep within the walls of human dwellings.


Magically, their habitats are not confined to the dimensions of the room their walls surround. They are rambling and large, limited only by Imagination, for she is their maker... They enjoy traveling through the walls and though quiet, can sometimes be heard. Usually multiple families live within a single wall. They are rather similar to humans, in that they love to gather around the fireplace, telling stories and sharing ideas.


Every RagdOlly person is, by nature, a scavenger. They gather items that humans discard and reuse them, like little artists. They are cheerful and bright and quite flamboyant in their attire. There are males and females but there appear to be no set rules as to what specific genders wear or how they behave... everybody is just themselves. They do not understand prejudice or stereotypes. RagdOlly People are taught, from the time they are very small, to understand their strengths and weaknesses. If faced with a difficult task, they mentally measure how far they can go and find friends with skills and strengths that are compatible with the task, to help them get their job done. They are without ego and therefore marvel at the arguments human beings embark upon.


Every RagdOlly Person is born with some 'great wisdom'. Curiously, they do not find value in sharing this amongst themselves and usually only reveal this gift to the special human friend that they have selected. Once they have bonded with a human they are loath to leave them. They are great protectors and their cleverness can outwit any pesky night time visitor.


The RagdOlly People, surprisingly, seem to live in harmony with the wild and mischievous Beasties. Though often the brunt of silly practical jokes they tolerate and actually seem to enjoy the company of the horrible things.


RagdOlly People have tribes within their main clan. The moderns are just ancestors of the ancient tribes; Soil, Water, Fire, and Floral-Fauna. RagdOlly can easily identify their tribe of origin based on their skin tones; browns, tans, greys and charcoals are Soil, blues and greens are Water, yellows and oranges are Fire, and reds, pinks, or variations of these are from Floral-Fauna. The tribes are important to the maintenance of the world of Imagination. The RagdOlly People cannot die, but they can lose their key and not be able to return to their own world. Keyless entry IS possible, but that is another story for another time.


RagdOlly People make the absolute best friends. They are kind and loving and have truly generous souls. They are a great first introduction to the world of Imagination, as some of the other land's inhabitants can be stand-offish, untamed, and (some) downright offensive.