Beasties, Cute Plush Stuffed Monster Playmates

Beasties, Cute Plush Stuffed Monster Playmates

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We would tell you to turn around, you don't want one of these, but Beastie monsters are only bad because they don't know love!  They are quite a handful and rather difficult to manage, but pretty cuddly if you tame them!  Each Beastie dragon baby has been captured to help prevent the general mischief and devastation that they tend to create.  They come with purple, green, blue, or yellow eyes- but sorry, we're just NOT willing to risk life and limb to grab a specific color for you...  We've heard each eye color has a special characteristic or personality trait.  We would appreciate it if you would tell us if this is true or not... we haven't had the courage to tame one yet.  

Each Beastie is made of first quality Polartec polar fleece and is easy to clean up after any of the terrible things we are sure he is going to do. Each Beastie comes with an official certificate of authenticity and a disclaimer, saying we are absolutely not responsible for the havoc and general mayhem we are sure your Beastie will cause!  Good luck if you decide to proceed with this order!  We wish you the best and would love to hear of your future adventures!

Mischief managed...       

Beasties are machine washable on a gentle cycle -IF- you can get them in there. Reshape, if needed and lay flat to dry. Although, they would rather be washed in the bath sometimes with their kid and lain flat to dry (tied up, of course). 

On a serious note, not only do our toys nurture creativity and build imagination, all of our BabydOlly dolls include "fidget fingers" (except for the Bunnies, because bunnies do not have fingers!). Fidget Fingers are sculpted fingers that can help kids keep their own hands engaged during quiet times or times of concentration. The BabydOlly line is also designed to have a child-lap filling bulk, to give fidgety kids something to hold onto and squeeze in times of need, adding a sweet spot of sensory calm to their day or night. Optionally, this and any BabydOlly doll is available in a heavier weight for even more sensory stimulation, message us for more info.

***Fear Not!!! Once you choose the style of Beastie you would like and add your choice to the cart, you will have an opportunity to choose colors, decide how much you want to customize and leave us any important requests.  You will NOT be charged until you entirely complete and confirm your order! Thank you!

*All of our toys are made to order, as we are very excited about keeping toys out of landfills.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery, though we usually fulfil orders much quicker and will do our best to get your magical, custom made, one of a kind piece to you as quickly as possible!

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