Handmade, Muse, Fairy or Pixie Doll

Handmade, Muse, Fairy or Pixie Doll


Sometimes on the very cusp of the dawn or in the darkest hours of night, when thoughts grab at threads of consciousness, the Muses appear... They are timeless and ethereal with little flitting wings and tiny necks holding up wise, bulbous heads. Each Muse has a human it belongs to and the owls whisper the human's name as the tiny Muse floats out of our imaginations and into the human world. 

Handmade, one of a kind soft dolls, each Muse is approximately 11 inches tall. They are made of durable Polartec brand polarfleece, a machine washable, recycled fiber fabric. Each exquisite soft sculpture has removable clothing and hand stitched French knot eyes, making these the perfect first doll for beloved children as well as irresistible new friends for playful, creative humans of any age!  Soft toys that nurture creativity and foster imagination; what could be better?

*All of our toys are made to order, as we are very excited about keeping toys out of landfills.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery, though we usually fulfil orders much quicker and will do our best to get your magical, custom made, one of a kind piece to you as quickly as possible!


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