Fiber Art Children Sculpted Fiber Art Dolls, Waldorf Inspired with Winter Accessories

Fiber Art Children Sculpted Fiber Art Dolls, Waldorf Inspired with Winter Accessories


Like a quiet little Snowdrop (her nickname from birth) pushing its head through the snow toward the warm spring sun , this baby fairy doll charms us all with her perseverance. She can smile through any trouble and has been know to be cheerleader and encourager to many a RagdOlly and would love to share her joy with you.

Snowdrop is 27 inches tall and is dressed in a pink and white tunic dress with lace collar, dark pink vintage bohemian print bloomers, sweet pink and white socks, and a floral headband.  Since she loves dressing up in layers, she has (for warmth when needed) a floral capelet with a fuzzy pink collar and a gray, knitted head scarf. She also brings along her favorite toy for you both to snuggle.

RagdOlly Fiber Art Children are Waldorf inspired, very sculpted, art dolls that are also made to PLAY.  We have taken the concept of visual simplicity (combined with beautiful craftmanship) and merged that with our super durable, hypoallergenic, play friendly material choices.  Though we LOVE natural materials, and don't intend to knock them at all, we designed a line for all of our children that could be sullied, 'imagined' (played with) in less than pristine conditions and then thrown into the bath with them and put in the washer to spin dry... or, if needed, straight into the washer on gentle setting. *Due to the large amount of hand stitching we would not recommend washing more than needed.*

Each one of our Fiber Art Children are completely one of a kind.  Due to the amazing amount of sculpting that must take place, it would be difficult to exactly replicate one if we tried.  Each rag doll child has button eyes, fingers, toes, belly button, bottom, elbows and knees, and specialty sculpted fleece hair (unless otherwise noted and illustrated).

Please take note of sizing!  Some of our cuties are NEWBORN (21 inch size), or 3-6 month (25-27 inch size).

*All of our toys are made to order, as we are very excited about keeping toys out of landfills.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery, though we usually fulfil orders much quicker and will do our best to get your magical, custom made, one of a kind piece to you as quickly as possible! 

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