Hand Knitted Hooded Doll Sweaters by Daisydogknits

Hand Knitted Hooded Doll Sweaters by Daisydogknits

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Nothing is cozier or more comfortable that a RagdOlly handknitted hooded doll sweater!  Designed for your favorite RagdOlly (Goose, Rag Doll, or Cat Person) these sweaters will be the talk of the town!  Each sweater is knitted by Daisydogknits out of the finest materials and are absolutely luxurious!  

Our Small one of a kind Wine Stripe knitted hoodie is made of fine wool yarn with a tiny bit of mohair.  It has a sturdy, beautifully squishy give, and is sure to keep your little friend warm!

Our Small Royal Blue knitted hooded sweater and scarf are made from 34% Hemp, 41% Cotton, and 25% Modal.  It is a lighter, smoother feel with a slight sheen.  Perfect as a touch of color to any outfit or a snuggly, huggable outer layer, this handmade delight is sure to please!

Our Large Royal Blue knitted hooded sweater fits 18 inch dolls and our very own BabydOlly lines (Bunnies, Babies and Beasties) and is made out of fine Alpaca wool!  

These sweaters are each one of a kind and do not include the doll modeling (actually, all of these models are already personal imaginary friends to some very special humans)!  You can order your very own custom RagdOlly handmade rag doll HERE.

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