Handknitted Doll Sweaters by Daisydogknits

Handknitted Doll Sweaters by Daisydogknits


Nothing is cozier or more comfortable than a RagdOlly handknitted doll sweater!  Designed for your favorite RagdOlly (Rag Doll, or Cat Person) these sweaters will be the talk of the town!  Each sweater is knitted by our shop member, Daisydogknits, out of the finest materials and are absolutely luxurious!

Our one of a kind, handknit Mossy Green sweater is sure to be your RagdOlly friend's prized possession! Match it with a pair of spiffy pantaloons or pair it with a favorite skirt. However it is worn it will be cozy and fashionable!

Our one of a kind, handknit Sophisticated Gray sweater looks good on any RagdOlly friend! Dress it up or down with other clothing items and your RagdOlly can wear it every day he or she needs a little something warm!

Our one of a kind, handknit Autumn Leaves sweater puts you in the mood for those crisp Fall days! Cuddly and

These sweaters are each one of a kind and do not include the doll modeling (actually, all of these models are already personal imaginary friends to some very special humans)!  You can order your very own custom RagdOlly handmade rag doll from our Etsy shop or our website www.theprofessionalbohemians.com.

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