Ploppet, beanbag phone or photography prop

Ploppet, beanbag phone or photography prop

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Meet Mr. Ploppet!  He is the perfect holder for your smart phone, device or small 'screen' so you can view movies, watch videos, or convert your device into a bedside clock.  They are great for photography prop needs as well. (Hey, he also comes in handy to beam at people that you want to get out of your room!)

*Eye Colors:  Ploppets are born with clear eyes.  In the amount of time that it takes to hatch and ship your Ploppet, their eyes will take on their permanent hue!  Because Ploppets are best 're-homed' in this 'clear eyed' stage their eye color will be a surprise for you!  We hope you will be pleased with whatever beautiful eye color your Ploppet has!  Let us know if you would like a Ploppet in your favorite color!

Large Ploppets weigh about one pound.  Small Ploppets are about 8 ounces.  They are made of the highest quality polar fleece filled with plastic pellets and are fun whether you own a device or not! :) Handmade, artist designed, device prop dolls that work for you, what could be more perfect?

* Ploppets are not machine washable , or at least we would put them in a pillowcase. ;)  If soiled, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry. If more washing is needed hand wash and allow to air dry.

You'll have a chance to let us know what color you like after you choose whether you would like a large or small Ploppet pet!

*All of our toys are made to order, as we are very excited about keeping toys out of landfills.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery, though we usually fulfil orders much quicker and will do our best to get your magical, custom made, one of a kind piece to you as quickly as possible!


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