Handmade Rag Dolls, Custom Made Dolls, RagdOlly Posable or Original (Floppy)

Handmade Rag Dolls, Custom Made Dolls, RagdOlly Posable or Original (Floppy)

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Elegant and durable handmade rag doll play is right around the corner…

RagdOlly dolls are perfectly imperfect little people lovingly created and handmade, to motivate children to design their own fashions, experiment with style, encourage imaginative play and experience the world of empathy, care and love that cherished dolls provide.

RagdOlly handmade rag doll fashions are dotingly designed for the discriminating collector but are (unless specifically stated) durable enough for daily play. Each doll comes dressed for fun, in a custom made (for that specific doll's personality), one of a kind, amazing, outfit. 

Our RagdOlly rag dolls are truly one of a kind. Each custom, handmade, soft, or posable doll is made with materials chosen specifically for texture, beauty and durability. We have decided, for beauty and durability, all of our custom made dolls will be made with Polartec polar fleece.  This fleece is a first quality recycled material, made in the USA, specifically for sport/performance applications.  (Patagonia fleece wear uses this brand of polar fleece.  It is the best quality fabric for 'skin' that we have ever used!) All materials used for dolls are safety compliant and new. RagdOlly, handmade rag doll clothes are made from new, vintage and reclaimed materials and are as carefully chosen as our doll materials.

Every RagdOlly handmade rag doll is an original art piece. She or He is stuffed with polyfil and a posable plastic armature (if posable), approximately 18" tall and is entirely handmade in the USA, wearing clothing made with recycled and reclaimed materials where possible, using materials from Turnip Green Creative Reuse in Nashville, TN among other local sources that are working to support environmental sustainability.

You can customize your RagdOlly handmade rag doll with choices of skin tone, hair and eye color to create a truly one of a kind forever friend! Feel free to tell us whether you want casual or formal for her clothing and give us a general color, as well. We will design her an outfit just for him or her within those parameters.  

Since your doll will be custom made to order, please allow three weeks for creation and shipping. 

We believe we have designed one of the best handmade rag dolls in the world.  RagdOlly is easy to clean and mend.  Though not necessarily water toys, our RagdOlly dolls are ready for life.  They can be hand washed or tossed in a pillow case and thrown in the washing machine.  Our children like to wash their friends in the tub with them and then have us ring them out in either the washer or by hand and pressed dry with towels.  The Polartec, Polyfil material choice allows them to travel in situations that might otherwise stain and ruin other dolls.  We are confident our designs can withstand a lifetime of normal abuse and feel that one toy, repaired and loved throughout the years does much to protect our environment and teach children good stewardship.  Great creative play toys!  

As mentioned, our dolls are meant to be played with, as well as collected!
Construction details:
*Reinforced shoulders and crotch
*Securely hand stitched eyes
*Securely hand stitched hair (designed to be replaced if damaged)

*Safety compliance tags with contact information and our small batch manufacturing number

***Fear Not!!! Once you choose the style of RagdOlly Custom you would like and add your choice to the cart, you will have an opportunity to choose colors, decide how much you want to customize and leave us any important requests.  You will NOT be charged until you entirely complete and confirm your order! Thank you!

*All of our toys are made to order, as we are very excited about keeping toys out of landfills.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery, though we usually fulfil orders much quicker and will do our best to get your magical, custom made, one of a kind piece to you as quickly as possible!

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