The artist is a person that makes life more interesting or beautiful, more understandable or mysterious, or probably, in the best sense, more wonderful.
— George Bellows (1882-1925), American painter

The Idea

Nobody is too old to create, imagine, or play!  Sometimes we just need a little inspiration.  The Professional Bohemians aim to inspire and move people to reconnect with their positive, giving and whimsical selves.  Through our quality lines of unique soft toys, we allow people to engage playfully with life and connect with others!  In our hearts we believe everybody is creative and has something wonderful to share!

Style & Quality

All of our handmade toys are original designs, made to last, without sacrificing beauty.  We aspire to always learn and apply better techniques and to keep our standards ever rising.  We use the highest quality polar fleece on the market and make it a point to create modern lo-tech toys and playthings that last through an unplugged, engaged, and adventurous human's childhood, providing years of friendship no matter the environment.  All of our toys are machine washable and quickly air dry (to avoid unwanted wear) or can be thrown in the dryer.

100% Handmade

We lovingly sketch, trace, cut, sew and stitch each imaginary friend, soft sculpted rag doll, or stuffed animal by hand.  We are collaborative with other creative small businesses and hire artists and artisans when we need help with numbers, though we personally finish and ship all of our fine soft toys ourselves.  We are proud that we are involved in every facet of our business and are happy to source our materials from the United States.  We strive to treat each and every order as though it is our only focus. 

And a Bit About Us, The Professional Bohemians

The Professional Bohemians began as a collaboration between myself (Eppie Cataldo Bailey) and my (also artist) sister in law, Julie Barrett Cataldo. We began, in 2001, by creating and designing art work, offering workshops and lessons, and facilitating community art pieces. In 2012 I moved to Nashville to learn to focus and market our business. Together Julie and I learned the basics and thought that offering a consistent product to market would be the best approach.

Jump ahead five years and we now have multiple product lines of beautifully crafted and durable soft toys, designed for creative play, film, photography, therapy or collection. Julie has moved on to explore other avenues but, as the oldest of 13 children, I have always enjoyed using my creativity to give in this way.  I believe wholeheartedly that unplugged, lo-tech toys are absolutely essential for the mental growth of our families and, as an artist, feel those toys should be beautiful and made to keep forever.  I think that adults can be inspired by artistic dolls and soft sculptures as well as any beautiful art work and I feel that my work provides excellent bases for artistic expression in photography, film and writing.   

I am joined now by my husband and children, as well as other professional bohemians, in hopes of developing this tiny little world of imagination that Julie and I have started into something bigger. I LOVE this job and this business and I am grateful to everybody that has supported us!!! I hope you enjoy stepping into my world!