Safety Info and GCC'S


Nothing is as important as Safety!

As a mother I understand that, while we want our children to explore and experience life to the fullest, we need to know that they are safe.  We have done our absolute best to make sure all of our handmade toys are safety compliant and sturdy enough to last through an active child's childhood.  Please inspect all of your children's toys, periodically, for tears, loose parts and weak places!  I wish for you all an active, imaginative, happy and carefree relationship with all of your toys!

If you ever have any complaints or concerns, please let us know!

You can check on any safety information for any of your children's toys at

*For my very select friends, whose boutiques and shops I provide beautiful handmade items (or for anybody that is interested :)), you will find links to the GCC's (proof that the applicable components passed the required safety tests) below! 

Darice Safety Eye GCC