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Toys with Heart and Soul

Toys for Dreamers

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Simple Toys with a Simple Mission;

May We All Imagine More, Connect More, and Love More.

Why buy handmade toys? Here's the deal:

Our toys have a mission!  Each of our handmade creatures is designed to inspire their human friends into engaging in life through creative play and imagination.  Our amazing handmade toys are beautiful, play ready, creativity nurturing, durable, and environmentally friendly... and our philosophy is built into every piece we make! We all know it is important for little hands to feel more than just glass screens and keyboards.  We all respond to solid design and quality work.  We all deserve at least one thing in life that is made specifically for us and is unique in all the world.  We sincerely desire to add heart to this digital age in which we live.  We offer unplugged, old fashioned, engaging creative playthings with a modern twist. Consider us and other mind building, lo-tech toys for you and yours!  Creative play toys, toys that promote diversity, empathy, and love, and toys that encourage imaginative thinking while making the least impact on our environment are more important than ever!

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Get out and PLAY!!!

Patterns, tutorials, and sheer fun... coming soon!

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