Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, how ya doing? Got some questions? Maybe they are answered here... If not, drop us a line!


What is the benefit of a weighted doll?

According to research, certain disorders such as sensory processing disorder, Alzheimer's, dementia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder can be positively affected by items like weighted blankets and dolls. In addition, we have customers who love their weighted Babies, Bunnies, or Beasties for calming

Weighted Beasties
  •  Plump, adorable bodies encourage pretend play and can be dressed easily
  • Soft sculpted fidget fingers and toes are an outlet for busy hands
  • Can be custom weighted according to your needs
  • Weight available for BabydOlly Babies, Bunnies, and Beasties

Why do you work predominately with Polartec polar fleece and Poly-fil stuffing instead of natural materials?

We highly value durability and washabilty and our goal is to create toys sturdy enough for adventures. The Polartec fabric we use is made from 100% recycled fibers and both Polartec and Poly-fil are made in the USA, just like the toys that we make from them!

How do I wash my handmade toy?

When your little guy has played as hard as you have he may need to be washed.  Feel free to pop him or her in a pillowcase (securing your RagdOlly person's hair if they have long hair) and run through the washer with (or like) a load of clothes.  When washed, take him or her out of the pillowcase and plump back into shape, if needed.  Then let your friend air dry.  When we are feeling particularly generous we let our children take their creatures into the the bath with them.  We then squeeze out the excess water, put them in the pillowcase, run them through one spin cycle and allow them to air dry, as explained above.  If, by some chance your friend happens to pop a seam (Anyka's has not yet needed a repair, with all of the washing we have put him through) please refer to our blog post on how to make repairs to your friend!  We hope your friends look as worn and loved as the Skin Horse in the Velveteen Rabbit when they are ready to be handed on to the next generation! :)

What is up with the name The Professional Bohemians?

Haha, we get this one all the time :-). We consider ourselves a healthy conundrum of wild bohemianism and steady professionalism.

adjective: professional

1. of, relating to, or connected with a profession.

2.  (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.having or showing the skill appropriate to a professional person; competent or skillful

plural noun: Bohemians

a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.

synonyms:nonconformistfree spirit

antonym: conformist

(We don't always wear ties, but when we do, they are made of paper.)